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Pool drain covers recalled. Has this been an issue for you or a friend?

One million pool, drain covers recalled ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

The AP /New York Times (5/26, Subscription Publication) reported, “Eight manufacturers have voluntarily recalled about one million pool and in-ground spa drain covers because of incorrect water flow ratings.” In a Thursday announcement, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said “the recalled covers could pose a possible entrapment hazard to swimmers and bathers.” Manufacturers include “Arizona-based A&A Manufacturing and Color Match Pool Fittings, California-based AquaStar Pool Products Inc. and Waterway Plastic, Georgia-based Custom Molded Products, New Jersey-based Hayward Pool Products, North Carolina-based Pentair Water Pool and Spa and Tennessee-based Rising Dragon USA.”

        USA Today (5/26, Korte) reported, “The recall is the result of months of investigation in which the CPSC subpoenaed 17,000 pages of documents from testing laboratories, which the agency says used bad standards in testing the drain covers.” CPSC Chairwoman Inez Tenenbaum “urged public pools with recalled covers to close immediately until they can be replaced” and instructed private pool owners to contact manufacturers right away. Tenenbaum said, “I know this is a very difficult message for many communities to hear so close to Memorial Day weekend, but we cannot risk a child becoming entrapped in a recalled drain cover.”

        The Chicago Tribune (5/26, Callahan) reported the recall announcement “set off waves of frustration among pool owners and operators who installed this safety equipment in recent years to address a deadly entrapment hazard that federal regulators now say these covers can fail to prevent.” The Tribune added, “Although many of the drain covers themselves are not very expensive, hiring a pool professional to replace or retrofit them can cost hundreds of dollars.” The recall does not apply to “larger pools with multiple drains or gravity drainage systems. …But those with a single main drain will need to close if their drain cover is slated for replacement under the recall.”

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