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Adam Becker

Under the law of premises liability, landlords and tenants may be held responsible for injuries that occur on their property.  Whether the landlord or the tenant will be held responsible for a particular injury will depend on the facts of the accident and, in some cases, the contract or lease between the landlord and tenant.

Types of accidents that may give rise to liability for a landlord or tenant include those which involve injuries caused by the use of faulty building materials or by building materials that have become deteriorated over time as well as by poor construction or design.  Liability may also attach to a landlord if someone is injured due to tripping and falling over clutter, debris or garbage in common areas of the property.  Another common type of accident that would give rise to a claim against a landlord or tenant would be a slip and fall accident involving ice in a parking lot, walkway or stairway or from moisture on a floor.

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