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The start of summer is the official kick-off for vacation and road trip season for most, but for those who work tirelessly to keep our roads in good driving condition, it can mean months of danger.


Sean C. Flaherty

Construction season ramps up in Massachusetts after Memorial Day once the risk of frost and cold weather has passed, and this concentration of road work generally lasts into fall. It’s a relatively small window of time for road work, and yet hundreds of crashes occur each year in work zones, putting the lives of construction workers at serious peril.

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By: Erica L. Pereira, Esq.

In Massachusetts, there are two types of liquor liability claims which can derive from the over-serving of alcohol to a person.  As a result of that over-serving, that intoxicated person then goes out and causes an injury to another person.  The first situation is called Social Host Liability, wherein the owner of a house or a private individual is held responsible for serving alcohol to private guests in their own home.  Attorney Laskoski spoke more extensively about Social Host Liability in her blog posted on November 22, 2012.

The second theory of liability is called Dram Shop Liability.  This occurs when a liquor store or an establishment over-serves alcoholic beverages to an individual and that individual then leaves the establishment and causes injury to themselves or to someone else.  Dram Shop liquor liability is explained more fully in Mass General Laws c. 138 § 69.

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