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Workplace Injury Statistics

Many employers have complained about the nuisance and cost of certain workplace safety regulations.  While the effectiveness of any regulation must continually be evaluated, there is no question that government regulations requiring safety compliance have reduced the number of workplace injuries and deaths.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) publishes commonly used statistics regarding workplace injuries.  Sadly, there were 4,585 reported worker fatalities in 2013.  As noted, that equates to an average of 12 per day.   Eight hundred and seventeen (817) of these fatalities were Hispanic or Latino workers.  One in five of the fatalities involved construction accidents.   See

No amount of money can make up for a lost loved one.  But pursuing all possible benefits may lessen the financial toll.  Family of workers’ killed and injured employees may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Such payments may not be sufficient to make up for lost wages and lost fringe benefits during a disability.  Moreover, workers who are self-employed or work as independent contractors may have difficulty even qualifying for workers’ compensation benefits.

There is no substitute for good health so taking safety mandates seriously is the best way to protect yourself physically and your family financially.  Should you sustain a workplace injury, however, Keches Law Group is equipped to ensure you receive all appropriate workers’ compensation benefits.  In addition, we can pursue a negligence claim against any third-parties who may be responsible for your injury.  We can also pursue Social Security benefits where the disability persists.

We are very proud to pursue the rights of the injured, but know all too well the toll a disabling injury takes on individuals and families.   If we are able to raise safety awareness and prevent injury, that’s the best service we can offer.  Please read the OSHA statistics and Be Safe!






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